Our Mission

Hayrenik Miyutyun (aka Friends of Armenia) is a 501-c3 Non Profit Humanitarian Organization. It was formed in September 1992 with the purpose of providing resources to the people of Armenian and Artsakh. This is organization was inspired by Sarkis Hatspanian and founded with the vision of Varujan Karian. 

Over the past 22 years, FOA has built, renovated, and furnished schools, hospitals, camps, community centers, water systems, and homes. As well as, sent vehicles, computers, heaters, books, medical supplies and technical equipment to institutions and clothing and food to the people. 

72 containers of goods have been sent to date. The total value of all projects and supplies amounts to over $4 million dollars.

FOA is proud to have been able to fulfill its obligations and is grateful for all the support it has received. We hope that in the years to come, our help will become unnecessary.

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
— John Bunyan

What We've Achieved 1993-2015

  • Containers                   Value;   $ 2, 879,497

  • Food Purchases             Cost;     $ 150,175

  • Hospital projects             Cost;     $ 141,279

  • School Projects.             Cost;     $ 214,111

  • Computer Projects       Cost;     $ 64,070

  • Community Centers       Cost;     $ 22,754

  • Help to Families            Cost;    $ 17,700

  • Road Building                Cost;      $ 48,000

  • Flour Mills                    Cost;      $ 57,213

  • Summer Camps               Cost;       $ 133,952

  • Houses Construction   Cost:       $ 146,822

  • Kindergartens              Cost;      $ 97,304

  • Other Small Projects  Cost;      $ 67,500